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I wanted to 'weigh' in on this on a few levels. Because I actually think this topic has larger and broader implications.

I am a father of a 2.5 year old daughter. We want to encourage her in sports since she seems to like them. I can tell you this. If I observe a coach doing too much yelling that is going to be a no-go. There is no place for that ANYWHERE. If your boss at work did that, oh boy.

Second maybe without really realizing it the orginial poster drew a line in who wins. Is that the most important thing or is life long changes and health the most important thing?

Yelling can get short term results, even for a few months. Get this fricking person off of me. But it is NOT good for the long term. I'd be curious if Bob contestants have better long term results.

And as a dad I want to bring this up with spanking. A lot of people get emotional about this but I would encourage every parent or would be parent to google dangers of spanking. People confuse the short-term effects of spanking, it is effective in the short-term. With the long-term. It is mind blowing the studies on spanking. In the long-term spanking leads to more agressive kids (dah you are modeling violence as a solution), resentment (dah even though you are family who wants to be yelled at and HIT), and even possibly long-term irreversible negative changes to the brain.

Well Jillian from what I take in this discussion is kind of a spanking person. I am at the start of my current weight loss but I have never felt physically better. I have exercised for a month and half straight every day at least 30 mins of aerobics. I have never done this in my life and I feel great. It was all due to me coming to my internal 'breaking point' moment. I had had enough.

That internal motivation LONG TERM motivation is priceless. And no amount of yelling is going to give that to you. I am sorry but this is IMHO, yelling and spanking are weak. They are the easiest ways to go and you are not looking into alternatives. If her MO is yelling that is weak. That is the low hanging fruit and it will work short term. But it is not long-term.

I am glad people have mentioned editing. But not really watching the show if that is how Jillian truly operates that is a pretty sorry reflection on her.

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