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arabella-congrats on your weight loss in the past 3 weeks!

amarantha2-will be thinking of you , whether in the palace or elsewhere.

and greetings to all our royals. have just been maintaining, not losing, but ok for now. my condo closing kept getting cancelled and rescheduled for a long time now. it finally closed at end of day. what a long, hard battle this has been. definitely relieved, and grateful that this very big weight has been lifted. had added calories to maintain, but not gain, and have kept up with exercising. am ready again to go back to lower cals and get on with losing.
bronchitis finally cleared up, and ready to get back in the saddle again. it is hot, hot, hot here---normal for this time of year, of course, but had gotten spoiled after having a mild spring. well, queenlies, i am thinking of you all, both in around the palace. take care.
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