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Originally Posted by surfergirl2 View Post
It has taken a while but i think i am finally finished with the re-feed phase...where you (or at least i did) go a little crazy once you allow yourself to eat whatever you want. It took 2 or 3 months. i went through food phases...first i went crazy with protein bars, and most recently i ate a couple of store-bought cakes with the thick frosting...i ate a disgusting amount of cake but i think i'm finally over the obsession with cake. I am finally beginning to feel like i am not constantly craving food. Sometimes i still think about my next meal right after i'm finished with the last meal, but now it's more out of habit/boredom than anything--i don't actually feel like eating. Which is a change. I think i've probably gained a couple pounds (which is a lot considering i was already at my high weight when i gave up dieting 2-3 months ago), but i think i've stopped gaining at least. Now i have hope that my weight will eventually go down because my food obsession is finally over. I think the whole IE process takes a long time. It's not like you quit dieting and all of a sudden your problems are over. It's taken me a long time to get rid of my obsessions and i'm still not 100% there yet, for sure.
Wow good for you surfergirl2!

I am going through that right now I think. I have been letting myself eat things like donuts and oreos and trying not to stress or feel guilty as I eat them. I DO feel like I am going crazy sometimes but I think I eat less of them because I do not yell at myself or feel despairing as I eat but try to savor it and feel enjoyment. Today for lunch I had two chocolate donuts and grabbed a third and on that first bite of the third I realized I was all done with donuts and didn't want any more. I think Im also kind of getting tired of Oreos. I have more foods to work my way through but I think Im getting there. I think legalizing food is SO important.

I have to admit over the weekend I felt a little panicked and wanted to count calories for a day or two but I reminded myself that that never works and If I was counting calories I would want to eat the entire package of donuts rather than just the 3 I had because I would instantly feel deprived. ( It was a donut kind of weekend. )
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