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Hey there

I'm new to this website so please don't burn me. Just want to share what I think I know.

If you're really counting the amount of macro nutrients you eat in a day, protein for an average female should be around 60-80grams a day should suffice. Anymore, you'll want to be considering bodybuilding as some female body builders consume around 150grams a day. The two types of supplementary proteins you might want to consider is Casein and Whey protein. Casein is slow release which you probably will take when you are out and about on your regular task for the day. Generally you'll consume this first thing in the morning with your breakfast. Whey protein is quick absorbing which body builders generally consume pre and post workouts as it takes about 1 hour to fully digest whey. However, note these foods are supplementary and should never replace your primary protein sources such as tofu. However I do apologies if you're a strict vegetarian, vegan. The only protein source I can think of is loads of tofu Protein is generally used for muscle repair and you shouldn't consume more protein than required. Yes, there are dangers of eating too much of the stuff.

Your lack of energy levels will depend on what you are eating or lack of. Your primary source of energy is carbohydrates. If you are currently on a low carb diet, I would highly recommend you take another look at your complex carb intake. Perhaps add 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice to your mid morning meal and see if your energy level change. If it does, you're need more carbs! Protein is a secondary source of energy that your body looks for when carbs aren't available but you shouldn't rely on that for energy.

Hope that helps.

Some other protein sources I found off the web;
1. Quinoa
2. Beans, Lentils, Legumes
3. Tofu
4. Nuts, Seeds

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