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Thank you for posting this Kscott,

Honestly, I am not too surprised at the difference. I didn't realize the difference was that drastic but I know that portions have grown tremendously and it is terrible in my opinion, what I call 'portion distortion.'

Now when I go to a restaurant which is much more often than I used to as a kid, I can usually make two meals out of a typical meal, and I find that is the case in most restaurants. I don't know why so much food is wasted. I think it is also a shame that the healthier foods are more expensive, such as produce and foods that don't have as many additives and extra junk. Why are we paying more to eat healthy, shouldn't we paying more to eat junk?

It is very sad what is happening with today's societies regarding nutrition. It seems that there are more fast food chains popping up everywhere, which is not necessary, at least in my opinion it's not necessary. Also, the food there and portions are so out of whack, it's really sad, it's sick.

Thanks for posting this.
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