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I have struggled with my weight since highschool and then I started college in the freshman 15 happened within the first year at the end of freshman year I weighed in at 205. I said I would never let myself get to 210 and I did within the next year kept gaining. In February 2011 I lost my grandmother and continued to gain weight not really caring about it. I was able to lose 9 pds in 2011 but still wasnt happy. I got in a relationship and was the happiest I've ever been and managed to lose more weight. In January 2013 the relationship ended I gained weight due to depression and was at the dreaded 230. In May 2013 I finally decided I have to do something or I will continue to get bigger and have problems, heart issues run in my family and I needed to have some self confidence in myself which I always lacked. I joined on May 21 although it's only been 3 weeks I am excited about my sucess so far and how fast the weight is coming off. The 1st week I lost a total of 7pds and that was through a birthday and a vacation, 2nd week I lost only 1.8 but I weigh in tomorrow and will see how it goes tomorrow but am confident I will have success on this diet.
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