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I recently started a low carb/high fat and protein type diet and it did very well of keeping me from binging as I felt full, always. I didn't have my hunger signals going haywire.

However, I was put in a position tonight at a family member's house where the dinner was very carb heavy. It was my husband's grandmother and there's really no way of turning down the food without being asked a million times to eat. So I told myself that I would have a small portion to save face and I would just come home and have a high protein snack. One small portion turned into two portions and four slices of bread...then a piece of pumpkin bread...followed by a snickers ice cream bar.

......then a trip to mcdonalds about half an hour ago.

I felt so in control these past few days and I feel awful that something like that has led me to this uncontrollable urge to consume everything in sight. I know my triggers, I knew better.

I'm just really venting and I apologize. I feel awful :/

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