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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
Pinkhippie, I loved reading your story! I've never read Overcoming Overeating but it is a book I've considered ordering (since it isn't available anywhere in our very large library system).

Odd that you should mention you only ate twice a day when you were at a good weight. That's pretty much my normal eating pattern when I listen to my body and follow my natural hunger cycles.

I emphasized in your post what I think is really important to remember - we are just going to be hungrier some days than others, and it's okay for us to eat more on those days. Not binge or gorge ourselves, obviously, but it's okay to take that second helping if you've really listened to your body and you know you are still hungry.

So glad you posted here. I hope you will continue to do so.
Thanks for the welcome Southernmaven. It is really true that sometimes we are just hungrier than other days. I remember sometimes I would have an entire 2 weeks where I felt like I ate a lot and just when I would start to get worried, I was just not that hungry for the next two weeks. I really believe our bodies know what we need and if we listen to them and give them what they need, we will be in harmony and balance and at a good weight.

Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
WOW pinkhippie! I really enjoyed reading your story and am so happy this thread and my journey have helped you. You sound alot like me in some of your thinking, and I'm so happy to hear you have indeed had positive results with quitting dieting. As I am sure you have noticed, not dieting is and always will be a work in progress. I think the whole allure to dieting in the first place is thinking it will give us a sure thing where we will not have to worry about anything, having our preplanned diets "take care of it" kind of thing, and let us avoid having to actually make decisions spontaneously while listening to the needs of our bodies. We just don't want to put that work in and pay attention. But we lose in the long run when we try to delegate that to something other than our own instincts.

I hope you will continue to post and give feedback and give updates on how it's going and any lessons you learn along the way.
Yeah when I first start eating more along the lines of waiting until Im hungry and waiting for what I want it seems like so much more work! I think that is why it has been hard for me to get back in the groove. It's easier for me to just wake up, eat my bowl of oatmeal and my apple snack whether or not I am hungry than to wake up and be like "what do I want to eat today and am I even hungry?"

The past few days I have waited to eat until I am hungry. Both days I haven't been hungry until 12 o clock. I have a hard time figuring out what I really want to eat. Made doubly hard by making the kids lunches and breakfasts. Yesterday I calculated badly and by the time I was hungry to eat we had to leave the house. I took some stuff to eat but it wasn't enough and I spent the whole time out of the house REALLY hungry. I tried to tell myself that hunger wasn't a bad thing but it wasn't very comfortable. I did much better today. Im also working on legalizing foods and body acceptance. I have been eating treats and trying to be aware of the fact that I am eating them and enjoy them but even if I am eating out of mouth hunger I tell myself it's ok and this is just how I am learning. I am working on body acceptance with an exercise described in Overcoming Overeating where you basically look at your body without judgement. HARD to do. The way they say to do and what I find helpful is to just observe it. Like instead of "wow my stomach looks so fat and I have no waist" more like "my stomach goes out here and curves in here but then curves back out." This has been SO HELPFUL I can't even say. Getting rid of those judgmental thoughts about my body has shown me how judgmental I really was and also made me feel more happy and comfortable. I realized when I feel "fat" I want to EAT! My goal right now is to just normalize my relationship with food and to accept my body just as it is right now. Im not worried about weight loss. I think like someone said in earlier in the thread, you have to treat the disorder before you can worry about losing weight. I am also trying to be more aware of if I am eating for reasons other than hunger. I realized I was feeling pretty unhappy lately and I sat down and talked with my husband and we realized we havent taken any time to talk after the kids go to bed so we have been doing that and I feel much less like bingeing on treats after kids go to bed. Also, I am tricky and I think I can often trick myself into eating less than I really need because I spent so many years ignoring my hunger. Which backfires at the end of the day when I eat the entire contents of my pantry to make up for it. Anyway after only a few days, I feel better about myself when I look in the mirror than I have since I had the baby. I notice when I feel good about myself I am also more active. So, here I am on this journey. I am so glad to be here. As soon as I saw this thread I knew this was the thread for me. I really appreciate everyones experiences and what they are learning. It is so helpful for me!
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