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Originally Posted by lin43 View Post
SouthernMaven, based on reading a few of your posts, I seem to share similar food preferences as you do. For example, I, too, need carbs as part of my meal to be full/satisfied (I fare better if those carbs are combined w/ some protein and fat, too). Also, I remember you mentioning on a previous thread that you do not get hungry until late morning. It's the same with me: If I follow my hunger signals, I usually don't get hungry until around 11 or Noon. If I eat exactly what I want in the amount I want, I won't be hungry until dinner. If I were to eat a big meal in the afternoon as you just described, I would not be hungry for dinner.

I've been giving intuitive eating some thought lately, and I realize that my two biggest impediments to it are these: 1) Even if I am not physically hungry, I mentally want to eat. Today, for instance, I overate just because I wanted to, not because I was hungry. I had gotten a bagel, and I was going shopping, so I had the cream cheese and the bagel in my car. I told myself I would not eat it until I got hungry, but I ate it before I even started shopping. (ETA: Later, I ate two candy bars---a rarity, I must say, but I have been craving Twix & Snickers for some reason. Later I ate a turkey sandwich and two peaches---at no point today was I physically hungry before eating any of this). It was as if I needed to eat even though I wasn't physically hungry. I tried to think about why, and I realized that maybe it's just that I want that pleasurable feeling from tasting good food. Do you ever have this challenge? 2) I really can get in tune with my hunger signals. I can distinguish when I'm physically hungry. The problem for me is knowing when to stop eating. I remember trying IE years ago, and this was my biggest struggle then, too. I realize that I actually like to feel full---not I-feel-sick full, but [B]full/B]--as in I can feel the food in my stomach and am satisfied. That may be the sticking point for me because in order to get to that stage, I have a feeling that I have to overeat. This is probably because I eat too fast (I say this because when I eat at a fine restaurant and the courses, obviously, are spaced out, I get full MUCH more quickly on less food).

Does anyone here struggle with the above two problems? Any advice for overcoming them? Also, for those on IE, I know you probably do not regularly weigh yourself, but do any of you know whether you've gained since you stopped formally "dieting"?
Lin43 - Yes I struggle with the whole wanting to eat just for pleasure thing. And have done alot of pleasure eating while trying to free myself from bingeing as I felt it was important to allow this to learn that it was normal sometimes and to not beat myself up over it. Before, eating for solely pleasure always turned into a binge due to the guilt. But my brain is starting to get rewired to know that I don't have to binge just because I ate something when I wasn't hungry. It has been a while now for me without bingeing and I am really trying to move more into the Intuitive Eating mindset, instead of only focussing on not restricting. Not restricting means eating whatever I want when I want too. It is part of the healing proccess from an eating disorder I am sure of. But I think to be a healthy person, and especially for a person who wants to lose weight (once a person feels like they have conquered or got their eating disorder under control), moving from simply not restricting to intuitive eating is the way to go. I am constantly trying to remember to ask myself "am I hungry?" before I decide to eat. I am getting better at this, and eating less just out of pleasure. But I am very careful not to engage in the all or nothing mentality and turn intuitive eating into a diet. I don't want a strict rule saying "never ever eat just for pleasure". Because if I applied such a rule, I believe my bingeing would return over the guilt of slipping up and succumbing to a pleasureable eating episode. Last night I had 4 pieces of pizza. The first 2 were for hunger. The second 2 simply for pleasure. I accept that. Next time maybe I will just have 2 for the hunger and none for pleasure; or maybe I will have 2 for hunger and 1 for pleasure; or I might just eat a whole pizza for pleasure. The point is to keep going forward and just do the best you can and try to get better at it. Like I've said before, progress not perfection.

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