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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
I'm always satisfied by a very large breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast or biscuits, hash browns) so most people would probably say it's mostly the protein in all that that keeps me satiated. However, I will say that if I eat ONLY protein (eggs, bacon, & cheese) I will get hungrier a lot sooner than if I add in the bread. I am a person who, for some reason, can remain satisfied a long time on only bread. That goes against the traditional wisdom I know, but it's true for me. Give me a bagel at 9:00 am and I probably won't eat again until 5:00 pm.

Yesterday I wasn't hungry at all in the morning. Went to my knitting class from 10:30 to 12:30 and STILL had no appetite. Came home, finished up a few things and then went out again to run errands. Finally got hungry so I went to Cracker Barrel and got grilled catfish, turnip greens, fried apples and biscuits. Ate all of it except for about 1/2 of one of the biscuits. I didn't get hungry again until late last night and just had a little yogurt before bed. I can eat one big meal like that mid-afternoon and it will satisfy me for close to 24 hrs. OTOH, if I try to break it up into small meals throughout the day I'm starving all day and all night, and inevitably I end up overeating in the evening.

This is something I've always known about myself but never allowed myself to eat that way because I've always been told it's wrong. During my 20-year "thin" phase I think that's probably the way I ate, although I can't quite remember exactly how I ate during that period of time.

SouthernMaven, based on reading a few of your posts, I seem to share similar food preferences as you do. For example, I, too, need carbs as part of my meal to be full/satisfied (I fare better if those carbs are combined w/ some protein and fat, too). Also, I remember you mentioning on a previous thread that you do not get hungry until late morning. It's the same with me: If I follow my hunger signals, I usually don't get hungry until around 11 or Noon. If I eat exactly what I want in the amount I want, I won't be hungry until dinner. If I were to eat a big meal in the afternoon as you just described, I would not be hungry for dinner.

I've been giving intuitive eating some thought lately, and I realize that my two biggest impediments to it are these: 1) Even if I am not physically hungry, I mentally want to eat. Today, for instance, I overate just because I wanted to, not because I was hungry. I had gotten a bagel, and I was going shopping, so I had the cream cheese and the bagel in my car. I told myself I would not eat it until I got hungry, but I ate it before I even started shopping. (ETA: Later, I ate two candy bars---a rarity, I must say, but I have been craving Twix & Snickers for some reason. Later I ate a turkey sandwich and two peaches---at no point today was I physically hungry before eating any of this). It was as if I needed to eat even though I wasn't physically hungry. I tried to think about why, and I realized that maybe it's just that I want that pleasurable feeling from tasting good food. Do you ever have this challenge? 2) I really can get in tune with my hunger signals. I can distinguish when I'm physically hungry. The problem for me is knowing when to stop eating. I remember trying IE years ago, and this was my biggest struggle then, too. I realize that I actually like to feel full---not I-feel-sick full, but [B]full/B]--as in I can feel the food in my stomach and am satisfied. That may be the sticking point for me because in order to get to that stage, I have a feeling that I have to overeat. This is probably because I eat too fast (I say this because when I eat at a fine restaurant and the courses, obviously, are spaced out, I get full MUCH more quickly on less food).

Does anyone here struggle with the above two problems? Any advice for overcoming them? Also, for those on IE, I know you probably do not regularly weigh yourself, but do any of you know whether you've gained since you stopped formally "dieting"?
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