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Originally Posted by Pinkhippie View Post
A real lightbulb went on for me with this thread when I realized the reason I turned into a person who could eat a whole package of oreos was my restricting. ESPECIALLY while nursing! DUH. It never really occurred to me that my bingeing could be related to my restricting. I know that seems so obvious now. My body is trying to keep me and my baby healthy at any cost.

So the answer to the question: yes I managed to quit dieting with positive results and was happy and at a good weight for me for years and years. I also usually only ate about twice a day. lunch and dinner. Lunch was usually a sandwich and an apple and then dinner was dinner. I also was always very aware of my appetite fluctuations. Sometimes I was hungrier than usual and I ate more for a few days and then the next few days I wasn't as hungry and it would even out. I was a HUGE proponent of listening to my body. And now I am totally out of touch with my body and it shows. Anyway, thanks for this thread and to anyone who actually got through my novel.
Pinkhippie, I loved reading your story! I've never read Overcoming Overeating but it is a book I've considered ordering (since it isn't available anywhere in our very large library system).

Odd that you should mention you only ate twice a day when you were at a good weight. That's pretty much my normal eating pattern when I listen to my body and follow my natural hunger cycles.

I emphasized in your post what I think is really important to remember - we are just going to be hungrier some days than others, and it's okay for us to eat more on those days. Not binge or gorge ourselves, obviously, but it's okay to take that second helping if you've really listened to your body and you know you are still hungry.

So glad you posted here. I hope you will continue to do so.
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