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Hey! Where's everybody at!?

So I've lost a bit more inches. I've really lost my appetite the past few days. I think its because I'm kind of stressed with relationship stuff right now :/ I've noticed whenever I start to become unhappy in a relationship, I start to lose weight. Same thing when I first enter a relationship.

But yesterday I made a HUGE mistake. I was at my boyfriend's house and needed to use the restroom. He knows about my whole scale obsession and I've talked to him a lot about how hard its been for me to be away from my scale. Well in the restroom was a super old slightly broken looking scale....and I couldn't resist.....

I weighed myself And it was the middle of the day, and I was wearing 5in heels, and a huge chunky necklace, and I'd eaten and drank lots of water, and I'd done a killer strength workout the day before....and the scaled weighed 2lbs MORE then when I gave it up two weeks ago. It really messed with my head. I really wish I hadn't weighed myself. Now I feel like failure. Sigh.
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