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I found IP through a friend starting the program up at a spa. I go tomorrow for all the details and am so excited. I've been reading these posts for months and months, and I finally get to go tomorrow. My sister and I are going to do this together. A few things made my decision to get healthy after many failed attempts on hcg,WW, neutrasystem you name it i was on it.
I have horses and I ride in the trails and always promise my Horse I will lose weight - I always feel so bad he has to Lug me around!! About a month ago he bucked me off and I landed on my tailbone,all that weight just slammed into the ground I still hurt. I'm 43 and move like I'm 90.
I took. My dad for his dr appt and he needs a triple bypass, my mom is a diabetic- I don't want any of those issues, so IP is my "last diet"
I can't wait to start!!!!
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