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Just had a mini binge in response to a mildy stressful situation, it really wasn't that bad (few bowls of cereal, some peanut butter and a couple apples...and some protein powder swirled with water) and I was able to stop myself so it was really just overeating rather than a binge, I even managed to take something out the oven before it cooked and put it right back in the fridge. Right now I want to go upstairs for some Cheezits that have been staring me down all week but I will not. I'm still going to go to the gym tonight, eat a light post workout snack, and get back on the horse first thing tomorrow morning morning. Looks like the rain should stop before 8 tonight so I can even walk to the gym!

I have to keep reminding myself that eating extra is NEVER a good idea and I will NOT be able to stop when I originally plan to. I'm so glad this forum is here, the accountability really does help.

6/6/13: The almost relapse.

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