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Hi Dawn78! Welcome to this awesome thread and do post often. Let us know how things are going.
Congratulations to you on the birth of your son.
I actually joined LAWL after I had all three of my kids... that baby weight was hard for me to get off and I didn't really know where to start. I'm glad I found LAWL when I did. Unfortunately... I had gained back most of the weight I had lost previously.
Good luck to you.

So... It's TOM and my weight seems to have gotten back to it's normal number but, this is not my true weight!

@Capricious; Just hearing about your exercise program is making me tired and sore! I don't know how you have that much stamina to keep up with the class... good for you!
But... I guess it all depends on what you're passionate about to keep up with the stamina. For me it's gardening right now.... I can be out there all day getting things in order. Then I don't go out for days afterwards and enjoy my hard work.

We've been eating food that we wouldn't normally consume that often... easy, convenient foods to quickly eat and then jump into activities or schoolwork.
I don't know what to make for supper tonight. I want it made soon because I'm bringing DD2 home for lunch today and then I'm off to the dentist.
I'm really excited about tonight... DD1 is showing two of her original works ( limited and signed ) at an art gallery opening tonight complete with light finger foods and music! I can't wait to see her art hanging and I get to buy a print!

You know, speaking of.... I feel kinda bummed. I took my son's art/french project into school for him as he has to present it this afternoon. He's been woking on it off and on for three weeks. It looks awesome and he's been working hard. I kinda got the feeling that the teacher thought that I might have done most of the work... I don't know... I was trying to read him (mind you, he wasn't his usual cheery self.. )... I don't know. But I assure you that he did all of the work himself. He made little plasticine pigs, birds, trees, monkeys, fish etc. He's very talented. All I did was show him how to blend colours together when he painted his island so that there wasn't any 'lines' in the colours. I also showed him how to dry brush it afterwards to get the textures out that he worked so hard on to achieve. Sorry, I have a degree in Art and wanted it to be a learning experience for him... do you think I might have taken it too far? Should I have just left it the way he did it?
I feel so bad... the teacher made me have a funny feeling. I mean... he didn't really look at it... he was far away and only glanced at it. I wonder if my son is late in doing it? But he said the teacher asked him to present it today... I don't know....
Talk to you later....

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