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Originally Posted by kellycg102 View Post
Thanks for thinking of me veggiedaze. Meds are doing ok. I am feeling better mentally for sure and it seems to helping with my food obsessiveness as well.....not sure how long that will last, but I am not thinking of food as much. I was away for a girls getaway and everyone was drinking and eating crap and I stayed on my plan and felt fine. I didn't obsess at all about the cupcakes and cans of icing around, the 10 bags of chips....the bread! I really feel so much better when I restrict my carbs, something I believe I will always have to do, but I am looking at it in a different way other than "restriction". I just feel better not eating it and I haven't had the wild feeling of wanting to binge so far. So I am hoping it will all fall into place and be able to continue eating to make me feel good and healthy, not to lose weight. I am wanting to lose a I making any sense at all lol......but I am not obsessing over like I have been. If I am hungry I have extra, if I am not hungry I wait til I am.....just really trying to prepare myself with my plans of ongoing healthy eating after I get to where I feel better with myself physically. Anyway thanks again and glad to hear you are still learning new things about yourself. I have found in the past having starchy carby stuff in the morning leaves me all day craving them.....having protein and veggies.....I just don't get that. I love oatmeal for breakfast too but I may need to rethink when I eat the carby stuff, which I think will end up being end of day.

Have a great day everyone
Kelly that is so great that you are doing better with the food obsessiveness since starting the meds. Even if the effects wear off overtime, it is just nice to get a break from that darkness to see that it is possible to get out of it sometimes. For me, I have taken meds, had them wear off or to where I don't want the sideeffects, after which I stop them and try to go at it on my own. Then after some point if I fall back into a mental hole, I start up on them again to pull me out of the darkness. Each time I go at it on my own, I seem to go longer and do a little better. I think that when I get the boost from the meds, I learn some coping and life skills that I am able to hold onto. And it sounds like you did great with all those temptations around.

I also really think I am on the same wavelength as you when it comes to wanting to use food to make you feel better; and if you find carbs make you feel like crap and wanting more or leading to bingeing, then all the power to you to leave them out. I think I will leave them out in my morning meal before work, but I am sure I will eat them on other days, and probably eat more of them when I notice my workouts arn't as good etc. I think every stituation can call for something unique to that situation. I think that's why cookie cutter diets that have someone eating the exact same thing at specific times day after day just throws away the chance to use food in a way that is uniquely tailored to a persons day. I find myself eating "intuitively" more and more now. It is so much easier to say "yes" or "no" to specific foods when you are thinking in terms of "how will this make me feel" and "how long will this hold me over for".
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