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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
I'm always satisfied by a very large breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast or biscuits, hash browns) so most people would probably say it's mostly the protein in all that that keeps me satiated. However, I will say that if I eat ONLY protein (eggs, bacon, & cheese) I will get hungrier a lot sooner than if I add in the bread. I am a person who, for some reason, can remain satisfied a long time on only bread. That goes against the traditional wisdom I know, but it's true for me. Give me a bagel at 9:00 am and I probably won't eat again until 5:00 pm.

Yesterday I wasn't hungry at all in the morning. Went to my knitting class from 10:30 to 12:30 and STILL had no appetite. Came home, finished up a few things and then went out again to run errands. Finally got hungry so I went to Cracker Barrel and got grilled catfish, turnip greens, fried apples and biscuits. Ate all of it except for about 1/2 of one of the biscuits. I didn't get hungry again until late last night and just had a little yogurt before bed. I can eat one big meal like that mid-afternoon and it will satisfy me for close to 24 hrs. OTOH, if I try to break it up into small meals throughout the day I'm starving all day and all night, and inevitably I end up overeating in the evening.

This is something I've always known about myself but never allowed myself to eat that way because I've always been told it's wrong. During my 20-year "thin" phase I think that's probably the way I ate, although I can't quite remember exactly how I ate during that period of time.
That sounds like an awsome meal at Cracker Barrel. I wish there was one around here.

I am thinking people are probably really individual as far as carbohyrates go. I think for me they really satisfy me on a mental level; afterall the brain runs on only glucose. But I am honestly finding that when I really pay attention, I don't really get as intense physical hunger when I skip them. I do feel a bit low on energy though; like if I exercise when it's been a couple days of no starches, I feel like I'm carrying a lead ball around. But, carbs make me kind of sleepy. I just find it so interesting. I love love carbs and would never give them up. But I really think a person can gain alot of benefit from really paying attention to the effects of foods and use them to their benefit.
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