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Red face Is there a single thread or place for juice support?

My husband and I are starting the 15-day reboot next week and I really want to talk to someone else who is/has done this as we're going through. I may stay on it longer...when I end, I plan to transition into Dr. Furhman (also feature in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) plan of nutrarian eating, the reverse food pyramid.

I'm mentally prepared to do this and I'm actually sort of excited (rare, since I've gained and lost more than 250 pounds over the past 20 years on so many other diets). But this time, I've got a new obstacle now -- elderly parents who live with us.

My mother (always rail thin, hates fat people (yes, probably even me)) has early dementia and I fight daily with her about eating enough. She was 87 pounds when she moved in 18 months ago...and I have her up to 104. When she drops below 100, her medication makes her fall down and brings on other complications. So I need to cook WWII-style meals she will eat...and coax her through dinner....

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get through juicing while cooking for others, particularly others who will deliberately try to sabotage your efforts?

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