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Don't lose hope yet, skinnyminnie! I chose the fattening food over vegetables every single time for years and years. The only vegetables I was really eating were on my pizza or came with buffalo wings or were in the saucy Chinese food that I ordered.

Now....after being on a medically supervised diet for 10 months where my portions of everything were limited to keep my calories low (inc. limited amounts of fruits & veggies), I can't get enough of them now that my calories have been increased! I *snack* on fruits and veggies! In my 37 years of life, I never EVER would think of fruits and veggies as a snack. It had to be chips, French fries, candy, something NOT healthy.

My taste buds have changed drastically and my body craves the fresh, healthy foods. I haven't had any *junk* food in all this time (it was awful coming off it, like an addict IMO) and now I'm petrified to go back (I have no internal off-switch that tells me to stop eating the junk, I just eat until it's gone).

Find a few fruits and veggies you like and then find the way you like them made the best (I'd eat a raw green pepper but never a cooked one, I prefer my carrots cooked but not raw, etc.).

I have never felt healthier and more nourished than I have for almost the last year and it's totally contributable to my diet.
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