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Thanks for thinking of me veggiedaze. Meds are doing ok. I am feeling better mentally for sure and it seems to helping with my food obsessiveness as well.....not sure how long that will last, but I am not thinking of food as much. I was away for a girls getaway and everyone was drinking and eating crap and I stayed on my plan and felt fine. I didn't obsess at all about the cupcakes and cans of icing around, the 10 bags of chips....the bread! I really feel so much better when I restrict my carbs, something I believe I will always have to do, but I am looking at it in a different way other than "restriction". I just feel better not eating it and I haven't had the wild feeling of wanting to binge so far. So I am hoping it will all fall into place and be able to continue eating to make me feel good and healthy, not to lose weight. I am wanting to lose a I making any sense at all lol......but I am not obsessing over like I have been. If I am hungry I have extra, if I am not hungry I wait til I am.....just really trying to prepare myself with my plans of ongoing healthy eating after I get to where I feel better with myself physically. Anyway thanks again and glad to hear you are still learning new things about yourself. I have found in the past having starchy carby stuff in the morning leaves me all day craving them.....having protein and veggies.....I just don't get that. I love oatmeal for breakfast too but I may need to rethink when I eat the carby stuff, which I think will end up being end of day.

Have a great day everyone

Numbers are a little wonky, because I switched scales!!

WI#1 -8.6 WI#15 -2.8
WI#2 -2 WI#16 -1.6
WI#3 -6 WI#17 0
WI#4 -2.2. WI# 18. 2.6
WI#5 -2.4. WI#19. +.2
WI#6 -2. WI#20. -3
WI#7 -3.4
WI#8 -1.2
WI#9 -4.4
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