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Hey.. I'm back.. not that I was 'gone' anywhere. lol
I've been extremely busy driving around and attending events....

Anyways, I'm back to regular posting.
So... for weigh-in Wednesday I am 140.5 lbs. A 0.5 lb increase from my target weight of 140.0.
Strangely enough, I've been exactly 140.0 lbs since last week and this morning I weigh in at more! lol

I spend my entire day outside yesterday. I only took two breaks... and one of them was for dinner. I finally came in around 9pm. I had so much yard work to catch up on now that actually stopped raining for a day! In fact, every one of my neighbours was out mowing their lawns during the afternoon or the evening!
With all that work and exercise, I gained half a pound!

How are you all doing?
Where is everyone?
So many of you have written about how excited you were that there was still an active thread around but.... you're not posting!

Anyways... I'll check in later.

@Capricious: How did your daughter's First Communion go? I hope you all had a wonderful time.

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