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Originally Posted by susanjean View Post
How often do you weigh? I usually weigh once a day,but my daughter says I should only way once a week. It helps me stay on track. I had a crummy day and overate,and it showed I gained over 2 pounds. Arrgh.... Right back to it the next day. I know I am in trouble,when I avoid the scale. DENIAL. Feedback?
We're probably all different. Some people get upset at daily fluctuations, others find it helps them feel more on track. Some people I've heard of only weigh monthly because they have negative associations with being weighed in the past.

Me, I'm a several times a week person. I need the feedback. If I'm doing well and losing at least week by week, it inspires me to do even better.

Looked up this thread because I don't have a scale of my own and am wondering whether to purchase one. But I can also use the ones at the gym so maybe I don't need to be in a hurry. I'm just getting "back in the saddle" after being sloppy and gaining some. The brand recommendations are handy to know in case I do make a purchase. Thanks!
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