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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
veggiedaze - So glad you were able to start the new thread! I was beginning to worry if I had stopped it in its tracks when I suggested that you begin a second one - and that would have been a great loss. This has been one of the most informative threads on 3FC. Thank you for continuing it.

I also went on a mini-vacation, and I promised myself that I wouldn't even think about the food I was eating. I was able to do that and did not over-indulge, although I drank far too much wine! I can relate to exactly what you're saying - In the past I would have thought "Okay, now I have to start really buckling down, counting calories, exercise X amount per day" yadayadayada. But none of that - any more. It's such a wonderful feeling of freedom.

I hope everyone will continue to share their experiences here.
Yes it's true. It has been freeing not to beat myself up over my overindulgences. I definitely had my fair share of wine too. It has felt good to just be able to cook again. There is something though that is worth mentioning that really has me wondering. This morning when I went to make my usual oatmeal, I noticed I was out. I was quite upset because I just love my oatmeal so much and it put me in such a bad mood not to have it. So instead I made a big spinach omlette (I usually have a really small spinach omlette on the side of my oatmeal) and I added some other veggies. I did not have any other starchy carb source in the house. Anyways, I was worried I would not be satisfied and that I would be starving by the time my first break at work came. But to my surprise, I was not hungry at all and was actually less hungry by the time my break came. I was really surprised. I'm almost wondering if there is something to be said about starches making people more hungry. Obviously this is only one day and there could be all kinds of factors behind why I didn't feel as hungry as usual. But I'm going to give the big omlette another try tomorrow to see if the same thing happens. Quite frankly, it's quite a nice change not to be starving by the time I get to my first break, despite eating more and more food before leaving my house. I've heard other people on this forum say that eating higher glycemic starches (even starches on the lower end of the glycemic index like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice etc. as opposed to things like bread, refined cereals etc.) makes them more hungry.

Obviously I'm not willing to give up my oatmeal for good as it is one of my very favourite things, but maybe it's a good thing to avoid for me on a workday morning when I don't have the opportunity to eat again for almost 6 hours. So I guess I am doing a bit of an experiment. I am wondering though if I will as opposed to not being hungry, if I will instead start to feel lethargic and low energy without the oatmeal after a couple days. I guess I will see.

Anyone else care to chime in about this? has anyone actually timed how long they stay satiated from various types of foods? For me eating and work days is a tough thing to get right. In my job I cannot eat or snack when I'm hungry as food is strictly prohibited on the worksite for safety reasons. It is strongly enforced.
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