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Very sobering. There are so many reasons for the obesity epidemic - we are accountable for our own weight, of course, but it is certainly harder to stay slim when the odds are stacked against you:

-Advertising: kids are hooked immediately, seeing all the ads for fast food places (where they get a free toy ith a kids meal), sugary breakfast cereals, sodas, etc.

-The size of soda bottles keeps growing. I can remember a 12-oz bottle every once in a while being a treat for the occasional dinner. Now you have 20-oz bottles and people who drink them all day long.

-Video games, smart phones, etc. I used to play outside after school. Until I got my Atari. Kids these days play with their phones and video games, and not outside playing and burning off calories.

-Families that don't cook their meals anymore. Everyone works, and it can seem like a pain to cook after work. So families grab these high fat, high calorie options for dinner: pizza, fried chicken, burgers, etc. several times a week.

We are screwed as a nation if things don't change soon (which I doubt they will)....
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