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Originally Posted by WebRover View Post
Wow Halfagain. The coats are great! I just saw your (new?) signature pic for the first time. You look "half" again already.
Thanks! It's maybe a month old, but close enough to where I'm at right now size wise. I'm really tempted to get to 177 where I will be indeed halfagain :-)

Originally Posted by evepet View Post
Love both coats Halfagain. And both look really good on you. You are looking fantastic gf!

As to the belly weight... it was partially why I stayed on P1 and made sure I got below my maintenance goal. I knew I wanted to allow a few lbs room for the 2-3 lbs of glycogen weight regain as I phased out, but I also still had more belly pudge than what I was happy with and it affected the way my slacks/jeans fitted. I've always put extra weight on around the middle part of my body - definitely an 'Apple' - and it was the last to leave me. That extra 3-5 lbs seemed to flatten my tummy area, and it made quite a difference. I guess that's why it frustrates me so much now to see those few lbs back there again. But they won't be there for long! A P1-P2 style eating plan for a few weeks will solve that problem.
Thanks I expect I'll get below goal at least 3 pounds, that is if my averages still hold true. If not, I'm still going to phase off, I should still loose a bit in P2 I figure.
Originally Posted by rainbowsmiles View Post
ok ladies....its that time again!!!!!!! a new vol....vol 11!! woot woot!!
you ladies are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm back from england...and since my 3 month gym membership expired while i was gone...i hope to get back on ip for awhile....and see if i can lose 25% previously planned

love u ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you too! I was just thinking about you this morning :-)
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