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Red face Fessin' up my messin' up

I knew I was getting sloppy with the amounts I ate and the procrastinating on exercising, but yesterday I went to the doctor's and got on the scale and had a reality check. In the last year or thereabouts I've regained about 8 lbs.

I posted another thread about my hernia that I also learned yesterday has recurred after a repair surgery 3 years ago. I know not losing more weight put a strain on the original repair. As did lifting furniture and things (but sometimes during my move I didn't always have another person to help).

Well, be all of it as it may. At least I have hope that the hernia will get repaired again, and though I don't enjoy surgery - who does - that will get rid of some of the waistline protrusion. Just knowing that hope is there actually makes me more motivated to do the daily slog of re-losing what I gained, and also more. It would be nice if I could go into the surgery with less weight, so that's my immediate goal: just lose! No specific amount by any specific time, just steady progress.

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