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Yikes Dottington! Id be going nuts without my scale! Are you taking a break by choice? I weigh myself daily and I know that's not healthy either but I could never take that long of a break If your staying on plan I wouldn't worry too much. When I look in the mirror some days I think I look bigger (even if the weight is lower, I LOOK bigger to me, naked, in the mirror), some days I'm happy with the progress. Good luck making it through 2 more weeks!\

Sounds like an amazing day energie!

I weighed in at 148 this morning! Lowest so far, and finally gone from my 2 week plateau! I joined Planet Fitness last week and have used it 5 times since then! I even got a personalized workout routine from the fitness instructor, which I'm super excited about! I tried working out at night a few times and I know now that if I'm gonna do this, it's going to have to be at 5am. Otherwise I won't be done till 7:30 and I still have to eat dinner, before going to bed at like 9 or's just too rushed and my adrenaline doesn't let me sleep. I HAVE to go at night at least one more time because I need help with some parts of my workout and the fitness trainer isn't there that early. Ah well, I thought I would HATE working out, but I actualy love it. Its hard, but it gives me an adrenaline high, and I feel amazing afterword (and why would I want to waste that amazing feeling on going to bed 2 hours later?)

I just got home from the gym, and now I'm enjoying my DELICIOUS healthy lunch, big mac in a bowl!
One for every 5lb lost!

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