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Default Anyone manage to quit dieting with positive results #2

Well I've tried to start this new continuation thread a couple times and my internet has crashed each time. So here goes number 3!

This thread is for people to share their stories and give advice on how they've managed to give up strict dieting and find some kind of peace with food. I have taken this approach for about 2 months now, due to being tired of the food obsession and binges that were taking over my life and denying me of happiness.

It has been quite a journey for me in only 2 months. I have not binged, but have certainly done my share of overeating. I have learned however that overeating is a welcome change from bingeing. I am by no means perfect, but I guess that is the point of this thread; letting go of perfection that lead me down the dark road of an eating disorder.

I hope people will continue to use this thread to vent their struggles in letting go of the dieting mentality and provide any new insights they have discovered along their journey. For me "positive results" doesn't mean achieving a certain weight/shape/health etc., but in finding some kind of balance where one can find peace of mind without having food rule over every aspect of their life.

As for me, I just got back from vacation. The tail end was a little heavy on the social indulgences. In the past, I would have viewed it as an epic failure and would have applied some strict rules once returning home in an attempt to reign myself in. But now I see it as a huge learning experience in letting go of the guilt, not seeing things as black and white, and just doing the best I can in the moment. I am not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. I am just thinking about today and this moment. I hope to hear some new stories on this thread, and the wonderful suggestions and advice of others who have found any success in non-dieting.

How is everyone doing anyways?
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