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I grew up in the 50's. People rarely ate out. There were not many restaurants except for when you were traveling. We had enough food for for each person to get one serving at meals, and there was nothing to eat between meals. Snacks such as ice cream, cake, candy were rare, for holidays or special occasions, not something that was kept in the house. I never ate in a restaurant until I got my first job and we would go out for lunch. Ironically, that is also when my weight problems began. I was eating a dinner-size meal for lunch.

When fast food came about, they advertised little hamburgers that were 10 cents or 15 cents with cheese. It was only over the years that they started making them bigger and bigger. Burger King started it with the Whopper. "It takes two hands to handle a Whopper cuz the burgers are bigger at Burger King." That was their jingle.

I read in the paper recently that McDonald's is having disappointing sales with their salads. Healthier food is available, but people are making the choice to eat the higher calorie, higher fat foods.

If we only ate at home, only ate 1 serving, and didn't eat between meals, we would all be thin. LOL I think when you're a child, you learn to eat the way your family eats. It is part hereditary and part learned behavior.

I also agree about the spandex and elastic waists, sweat pants. If you wear a structured pair of pants with a waist band, you can tell immediately if you are gaining. But the pants of today just expand with you.

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!

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