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Yeah, absolutely

My bf probably can't comprehend the numbers, he's never been prone to weight gain. I don't think he cares about the numbers, he only cares that I'm happy. And as he's never had to lose weight, he just asked me to tell him what to do. All I said is, if I say "no thanks, I'm not hungry right now" leave it at that, and if I'm happy about something I've done, you can be happy for me too.

I don't rack on about the numbers, as he doesn't care about them or really comprehend them much, but I'm not ashamed about them either. A typical conversation would go "I used to be 212lbs, now I'm 192lbs! I've lost 20lbs and I feel great about it!" / "awesome! I'm so proud of you! *hug*"

Honestly, I don't know if our guys fixate on the numbers the way we do. I have no idea what a typical man-weight is anyway.
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