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I'm taking a break.... a well deserved one! Having an umpteenth cup of tea. It's keeping me going.
DH had to go out of town and leave me with everything. However, he just called and told me that MIL is expecting to leave home around 6pm.. that means that she'll be here around 7pm. Her conference starts tomorrow.
Whew... at least I've got a little bit of breathing room.
I just finished cleaning up the kitchen (dishes and cooking mostly) I still have to clean the island of clutter and polish the fridge etc.

Then I'm hoping to employ DD2 as soon as she gets home from school to help me clear up the clutter in the dining room and dust. It's full of ongoing school projects. I'll just have to place the stuff on the floor so we can eat like a civilized family. I have a new kitchen table on order and we've resorted to eating in front of the television!
i still have to mop...

I forgot to mention that my central vac quit on me... again. It's totally a love-hate relationship. It's so strange... it just stops working at will and then i have to take the same part in to be fixed. This will be the fourth time and I've only had it less than two years.
So... I found the old upright vacuum and managed to do upstairs. When i came downstairs and plugged it in, it shorted on me. I could see the spark. Now it's garbage.
I have resorted to using my hand held little vac for the floor... AT least the floor is done but the carpets look so bad! I still have to mop (that's why i did the floor).
When DH gets back, I'm sending him to Walmart to pick me up a vacuum.

I'm having such bad luck with them.
Also I think I have to cook something else. I'm not sure that one dish is enough or appropriate. But IMHO, butter chicken does not go with anything else except for naan. I don't have a clue what else to make.
I've got three hours...

@Capricious: I knew your weight would go down. I'm psychic that way. lol
But seriously, good for you. Keep it up and the weight will fall off quickly and steadily.

@Sweet and Spicy: Welcome. Do post often and let us know how things are going.

With all the things that were going on this week, I forgot about a pasta dinner fundraiser for the graduating class. Needless to say.. I had to go. So... that's three evenings out and only the day to get things clean and organized. Obviously nothing happened except that the laundry and ironing got done to a point... that's why I'm running around like the energizer bunny.
Thanks for listening... I needed a shoulder.

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