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Welcome @Sweet & Spicy- post often! It really helps I find writing down everything I eat to be helpful as well...
My order from LA still hasn't arrived. I'm going to have to check about this today as it has been an extraordinarily long time since I place my order. It may have behooved me though. I'm no longer dependent on the products because I've discovered other bars that do the same job and cantaloupe while it may not be my favourite thing certainly did the trick with TO.
@Shy- Hope your sleep was much more fitful last night. It is terrible to wake up in the morning just wanting to go back to bed. Congrats on the 1 pound and being exactly at goal again. It seems that your body is very happy where it is.
And you were right about my weight- it did go down again today (which I really, honestly wouldn't have believed could happen)- I was at 165 this morning which was a lovely .6 drop overnight! So happy
Are you almost ready for MIL?
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