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I'm so sorry you're struggling with this

Yes, it's bulimia. And even if it wouldn't meet the diagnostic guidelines of purging at least twice a week - it's horrible. It's not good for you. I'm so sorry you're struggling with this.

I'm bulimic too, have been on and off for almost eight years. Don't let it go so far. Get help early on. The more often you do it, the harder it will be to break the habit.

Try not to justify binges before you do them - a lot of calories will still stay in; it's horrible for your teeth and skin, your mood, your self-esteem. You say that you're married. Do you want to have children, or already do? Do you want your little daughters who might be there a couple years down the road to emulate their Mom's disordered eating behavior? Do you want to struggle with subfertility issues due to bulimia? Also, consider the amount of money you're wasting on food that gets thrown up. It's quite an expensive "hobby" to have. There are so many reasons why this behavior is bad for you. I know that doesn't make it easy to just stop - I would've done so a long time ago if it was easy. But, and here's the thing: you might want to make a very extensive list of reasons why you specifically don't want to binge and purge. Perhaps one just with reasons not to binge, one with reasons not to purge, if that feels more "right" to you.

I would recommend talking to a Cognitive Behavioral therapist ASAP. Don't delay it. I hope you'll get better soon
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