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Solid advice:

Originally Posted by Lyn2007 View Post
It will just kind of happen on its own if you are eating healthy... and you won't have to really decide how much to gain or not. The baby and your body will demand what it needs That's the beauty of creating life. Remember that your body is doing something marvelous, making a whole new human with all their organs and bones and parts out of what you eat. So don't skimp on the healthy food and remember that your blood volume increases a LOT to nourish the baby so a lot of gained weight is just fluid, and another 8-10 pounds = baby, placenta, amniotic fluid. The only reason to worry about even a 30 or 40 pound gain is if it came from eating junk. Of course your doctor will know best for YOU but I am just sharing my thoughts, having had five babies myself Congrats!
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