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May 29: 140.0 lbs
I somehow dropped one pound overnight... I'll take it.
i guess I'm back to my goal weight.. but not quite a low as I was at my lowest (138.5 lbs)

I'm soooooo tired. I didn't sleep very well. There was a huge thunderstorm last night at 3 in the morning and it lasted for one and a half hours! It was bad. The lightening kept coming in through the window and reflecting off of my tv component and it was so bright that it kept making me open my eyes!

I discovered this morning that DH had the blinds open somewhat!

Here's to another day of laundry and ironing!
It's raining again.... at least a plus to this is that my DS's soccer practice will be cancelled. Good. He has homework and I need the extra time to get things done.

@Capricious; That's wonderful news! And no.... you will not gain any more weight just because you will be eating more food. Just stick to the plan and I'll bet you have a drop in weight tomorrow. Actually... I almost guarantee it!
I can't wait to hear!

I'm thinking now.... since I somehow dropped one pound overnight, that I will stick to the plant today. It's been weeks since I have followed it. I need to get back to more 'healthy' eating. or at least cut out the chips and cookies.

I'm going to the States in three weeks (just for a couple of days) and I'm going to buy myself some of the TO juice. I usually get it from there and it will be nice to have some on hand.

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