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I have an painful infection in my navel right now that I'm having a hard time getting rid of. No piercing, just the infection, but when I looked up online how to treat the infection I found a lot of piercing info. Apparently navel infections (piercing or no) are more common in larger folks, but aren't uncommon in thin folks, either. They're also apparently notoriously difficult to treat at times, lickily I'm seeing my doctor on Thursday.

I am considering piercings or tattoos to celebrate weight loss, but I have a naturally pierced septum. I could wear a bullring in my nose if I wanted, as autoimmune disease ate a quarter-sized hole in my septum. I had surgery to close the hole, but the surgery was only partially successful (now I have a dime-sized hole). I've thought about wearing a ring, but the hole is a little deeper in than your average septum piercing. I think it would be king of funny to go in to the piercing shops to see what they had to fit my "natural" piercing.

The only thing stopping me is knowing how much trouble I have as it is keeping the area clean and clear of well, you know, crusty accumulations. When I had a sepal button (essentially, a piercing that doesn't show, it's a "snap" that closes the hole) it was even worse.
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