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I'm definitely more alt than not. I tend to gravitate toward the social deviants, the artists, the gamers, the nerds, and the socially awkward.

Name. Marian, but I prefer Squid or Squid Vicious.

Age. 31

Marital Status: It's complicated? Mostly single? Married on paper?

Home. Philadelphia, PA

Work. Currently I'm bartending and waiting tables.

Weight. Ugh. Don't even want to think about it. Last time I weighed myself was months ago and it was in the 245 area. However, i've managed to drop most of a jeans size since then.

Stuff I like. Roller Derby, Video games, RPG's, Tabletop Games, LARP, Comic books, web comics, illustration, art, feminism, creepy weird poetry, beer, booze, boobs

Stuff I don't like. Organized Religion, patriarchy, sexism, drama, rap music (except nerdcore), pragmatism, logical thinking, regulations

Music: ThouShaltNot * Leonard Cohen * The Decemberists * Voltaire * Flogging Molly * Prem Joshua * Krishna Das * The Crannberries * Colin Malloy * Me First and the Gimme Gimme's * Bob Dylan * Billy Joel * Lady Gaga * Pink * MC Chris * MC Lars * MC Frontalot * Eminem * Jack Off Jill * Rasputina * Cruxshadows * KMFDM * PIG * Bad Religion * VNV Nation *

Books. All the books. Especially the graphic ones.

TV Shows and Anime: Battlestar Galactica * True Blood * Eureka 7 * Glee * House * Fringe * Invader Zim * Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy * Daria * Lie to Me * Ghost in the Shell SAC * X * Phineas and Ferb * Johnny Test * Deathnote (anime and live action) * Game of Thrones *

Religion. I believe in Karma and the Universe

Movies: Wall -E * Everything Miyazaki (I am working on building a complete collection.) * Amelie * Most things Pixar * Pan's Labyrinth * Helvetica * Iron Giant * The Millenium Trilogy * Star Wars * Star Trek * Transformers * Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind * I heart huckabees * King Corn * Devil Wears Prada * Monty Python * The Princess Bride * The Road * Zombieland * Watchmen *

Goals. Be a top roller derby skater, get a second bachelor's in illustration, write and illustrate a graphic novel, get a master's in fine art, win the lotto, lose 100 lbs, learn to play the piano, learn to sing, get a couple of half sleeve tattoos.

Politics. Liberal Anarchist? I believe everyone should take responsibility for their actions and be respectful of everyone. Mostly, I avoid politics because they irritate me.
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