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Originally Posted by loser59 View Post
support group indeed... because i keep failing
i keep saying tomorrow,... when i say today it doesn't last longer than 10 hours... what is wrong with me!!??
Aww, there is not one thing wrong with you! Losing weight is tough and overwhelming at times, just peruse the boards if you don't believe me Maybe you're trying to do too much at one time. I know when I began to lose weight it started with small "streaks" of good behavior. Power walk 30 minutes a day and drink 8 glasses of water. That's it. Maybe it's pre-planning and organizing your meals and cooking ahead. Or cutting out the cookies, soda, or whatever your "poison" is. It can be anything. Motivation is such a slippery thing to grasp isn't it? But I know from experience I can't wait for motivation. The times I am most successful are when I stick to my plan (however small). There is a sense of pride that builds when I remain consistent. Like I've kept a promise to myself. That's important to me because for so long I kept promises to everyone but me.

And I think it's important to know why you want to lose weight. I got tired of my joints aching, breathing heavy, and lying in bed with a belly that was as big as pregnant woman's. I wanted to know what it was like to try on normal sizes even if I never bought them. I wanted to walk in a room unnoticed, because before I lost weight, I walked into a room avoiding eye contact because I was sure all eyes were on me and my weight. The ONLY way I could achieve any of these things was if I got control of my eating and exercise. I was the only one who could do it.

I have no doubt you can do this. PM me if you'd like but always know there is great support here. And again, thanks for starting this great thread!

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