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N Granny Thanks. I kept the little guy last night, also. By the time my DIL would have been able to meet me, it would have been after 7:15 PM, and than the ride back home, giving him dinner, it would have been his bedtime and she really would not have been able to spend much time with him. I take pictures of him in the morning and text a 'good morning mommy' message to her, whenever I keep him overnight (which turns out to be quite often ).

You are a braver woman than I. I don't admit to birthdays!
There is a reason for that! My mother died at the age of 59 from breast cancer, two years kater my dad died at age 67 cerebral hemorrhage, my husband died at age 53 lung cancer, most probably due to Agent Orange Exposure (Vietnam '67). So in my family every birthday is reason to celebrate! Thanks for the wishes.

Glad the ballet recital went well. Enjoy your time away.

punmama Thank you. I love spending time with my grandson. He is not much of a party person...yet. He is in bed by 8:15 PM

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. I will be without baby for the next two days, so I will be doing yard work. That's if the rain stays away. If not, I will be on the couch watching movies!!

For every 5 lbs

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