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Originally Posted by Nimblegranny View Post
Discovered Walden Farms sauces in my Kroger yesterday, they were out of chocolate so I got caramel. It was awsome dribbled on my vanilla pudding, just let me say.

My DGD pee-peed in the pot-TAY last night! Still singing the song in my head! Still amazes me how exciting every little thing is to me. The kids called me right away! Of course she is only 15 mos. old so she is a genius.

I'm going strong, yesterday had plain steamed broccoli and chicken at my favorite Chinese for my L&G and that was nice, just going by and picking up Chinese like I used to love to do. It wasn't the same, but it was GOOD FOR ME and a little change from my usual salad with chicken breast.

Going to try to sell my DVD collection and some books at a yard sale tomorrow, just don't need them anymore with Netflix and Kindle. Then getting my hair cut, and Sunday Biskitt and I going to babysit overnight for the kids so they can have date night, and then spend Monday with them. I will take all my food and some frozen veggies and chicken breasts, but most likely they will be eating food that is WS friendly themselves as they run a healthy house and are very supportive of me. So I'm hoping for some outdoor grilling on Monday!

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend, filled with hope and gratitude.

Down 12, 108 to go! When do I get to have a ticker??
WOOT! Awesome! weight loss! My kiddo was 18 months and everyone said she was early, so rock on with your DGD!

You should get creative with your meals, chicken and salad gets BORING after a while Big Mac in a Bowl is DELISH! and WS friendly. Pork can be cooked a million and one ways and the tenderloin is usually lean. Turkey, flank steak, bunch of stuff. Maybe I will start a thread of my favorite recipies in the future. Like my healthy version of teriyaki sauce. Of my tofu alfredo (seriously! You should try some tofu alfredo...AMAZING on steamed veggies...even people who HATE tofu like it!)

And you've hit the 20 post requirement for a ticker....just wait until your 20 day point and then you are golden., two more weeks?

Stage 1: Mini Goal 1: 265 pounds - complete 1/12/13; Mini Goal 2: 250 pounds - complete 4/17/13; Mini Goal 3: 225 pounds - completed 10/21/13
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Stage 3: work in progress

One for every 10 pounds lost:

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