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Woot! Arabella, it is SO good to see you back in the palace! Loved reading your insights & your plan!

One of the reasons I think I am so enamored of talking about my journey online (although I am trying to do less of that for various reasons) is that no one in my personal life wants to focus much on weight management & fitness so they feel I should not talk to them about it lol. Your plan of being accountable to your DH seems really great!

Huzzah to Wsw! How are things going?

For me, just treading water right now. I'm working this morning but then I think not until middle of first week in June, & possibly not after that, depending on some political flux. This is going to get me back in a stress free eating zone for a while. I want to focus on my maintenance project & feeling better all around & am doing one of my fun challenges from after my weigh in on the 26th to weigh in on June 30. That is 4th of July week & I am dedicating this litte challenge "season" to all the decades of working on the 4th of July & loved it (I was a reporter) & was never during those days at a weight I wanted to be on those happy holiday assignments so I now want to dedicate this year to staying within my happy maintenance range & doing it stress free.

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