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Question Cannot cook to save my life- help?!

Hi, I've just joind this forum after seeing some excellent advice on here! I've never been considered 'big', but I've steadily been piling on the pounds over the past 2 years since entering uni and I've had it with being 'not quite slim enough' and really want to properly lose weight this summer for fall!

My main issue is that I cannot cook for the life of me, everyone on weight loss forums or anyone I know that's trying to lose weight can usually cook themselves some delicious, healthy meals. I have really bad eating habits that probably stem from just not knowing how to do anything, which ends up with my relying on frozen foods and pizzas and pastas. I'm just not a healthy food person, but I obviously need to make changes to my diet. I'm also a vegetarian, so that means no lean turkey/chicken, which seems to be a diet food staple. I would love to make these delicious sounding salads and low-cal meals, but they just seem so complicated, I don't know how to even use the different vegetables, etc. so I just look for convenience in pre-packed salads, but those are way too expensive on a daily basis. I love stuff like SlimFast just because its easy and I don't have to think too much about my calories, also it saves time when I'm busy with university/work.

I'm not someone who gets bored of the same food, if I find something I like I can literally have it every breakfast or every lunch, so I really just need to find a few key foods. Could you guys please help me with some healthy yet filling options, mainly for lunch/dinner as I have healthy breakfast options that I enjoy. Thank you so much in advance and sorry for the long intro!
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