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curvynotlumpy - i will check into moving it to challenges.. i am just not sure i want this to be a challnge, just more like a support group for those of us struggling..
hope to see you around

missunshine - i understand you completely. i don't have much time to write as i need to leave in 5 mins, but i suggest, maybe, not to hide the cookies. that has helped me (and i hid food and ate food alone for at least 10 years or more). eat cookies with other people. 1st you won't eat as many and 2nd it will take the huuuuge weight off of the kind of "dark" side of bingeing... if that makes any sense. i felt better thinking "yes, i am eating cookies, but it is not really a binge, hiding in my room"


me.. i still need to figure out a plan. foodwise, i am having trouble. the conditions around me are not helping me AT ALL. but i cannot use that as an excuse. i need to take what i have and work for it.

these 4 months are a period long enough to see changes, but not too long (like a year) to feel like "eh, i can start next week, i have a whole year ahead of me"... change starts NOW. with little things.

for instance the first change this morning: i took a driving lesson (failed my driving test a month ago, and when i took a class on monday, i was so nervous i drove REALLY bad, so bad that today i woke up feeling sick, dreading this class).. today it went GREAT! my next step though is to rent a car (long story why i CAN rent a car but need to take a driving test). i have never ever driven, only these about 20 classes, 40 minutes each, and many of them wer just me crying on the wheel...
so anywhooooooo, first success: i drove good today.

DRIVING: my goal is 1) renting a car and 2) passing the test!!!
i need to at some point rent a car, because the 40 minute lessons are good in the sense that theres a teacher there and that makes me feel safe, but on the other hand, it's a short period of time, i haven't really had time to practice many things (like parking)... and its ridiculously expensive. so yes, RENTING A CAR. overall goal is to trust myself more.

RUNNING: last year i was on my way to run a 10k... when i injured my foot. maximum i got to actually run was 4k (taking a tiny break in the middle). that was last september. since, i can't run much. i don't know why i lost willpower. i run 0.5k! what a mess... i have though, succeded to do 1.5k but it's rare. so my goal is to put my effort into that. in fact, the reason why i created this thread is because last year the race i was preparing for was in the end of october... and i am assuming -although i could be wrong- this year it will be too. so i want to train for that. and like i just said: TRAIN. not randomly go and try to run, but have a training program. i will follow the c25k program. i think i can skip right into week 3.
so TODAY i will go running after work.

will add other goals later. food is a business i still need to figure out :/

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