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I am like you. I take medication for my Type II diabetes and have not really done anything about it but take the medication. I don't even check my blood sugar which i know I should. Just to darn scared to face the facts.
I started Wonder Slim on Saturday and it is working for me. I do not feel sluggish any more, can actually sleep like a baby again and have a lot of energy.
I am a sugarholic and would rather eat chocolate bars than meals so believe me this is a big step for me. Just hang in there and do it. Remember that next month will come no matter what you do so stay focused. I have temptations all the time at work since our cafe has all sorts of things to eat but I told myself that I am not going to touch anything. I had a scare last week where I thought I was going to have a heart attack. That scare made me more determined to get back on track. I am too young to die.

You want to play with your grandaughter and have fun with her and see her grow up. Your blood sugar will stablize to normal if you stay with it.
I really will be rooting for you.
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