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Default 23 WEEKS - reach your goals! (TODAY-Sept 1st)

i was going to make a thread about how i cannot lose weight... and then i thought about what i would write on it and realized, that it is true, i have not really been losing weight... but it is also true i have not tried for over 1 or 2 days at a time!

so the problem isn't that i cannot lose, the problem is i do not find the motivation to do it. not because i don't want it, but because i feel i can't... i give up before i even start.. and so many people here have lost SO MUCH, and i keep seeing posts on the "goal" forum... why can't i succeed too? and i only have 20 lbs to lose!!!

so that is the truth: i have not tried hard enough. i am not taking it seriously...

so here it is:

i will not weigh-in compulsivelly every day. i will do it once a week. i will organize my meals and don't put excuses. i will set fitness goals... and work hard to reach them.
setting other lifestyle goals is also important... and be realistic about the whole thing!!!


this 23 weeks thread i am creating is intended to be a support team for those of us struggling maybe, or those who want to improve their eating, fitness, or any other goal, and work into making changes and seeing results in the end of these 150+ days.

the point is to share ideas, plans, goals, and hopefully victories, but also be there for each other in the long term for support when it gets hard.

chose which ever day of the week you will be weighing-in, i am not going to enforce that to anyone. set a plan and share it with the team, maybe mini goals? any kind of goals!

hopefully people will join, if not... it will be a bit lonely! ( challenge is suppose to end by September 1st but JOIN ANYTIME!!)


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