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ACK! The soup! I forgot about that question! Sorry punmama!

Like you, my office only has a spigot. But, they also have a microwave. I have learned that if I make the soup with water as hot as I can get it from the tap, let it sit for 30 minutes in a mug (after briskly stirring), then nuke it for about a minute, it works just fine. I also have learned that I like the tomato soup cold (I know, I am sick and twisted.) So, I make that as if I was making one of my shakes, let it sit for about 15 minutes in the fridge (or with a few cubes of ice in it) and voila! Instant V8! Not really. But close enough. Mainly, I only use the soups if I am being lazy or if I know I am going to be traveling and will need to stop and eat. If I am traveling, all gas stations and restaurants have piping hot water (it is an attachement to industrial coffee makers), so getting hot water is never a problem in those instances. Worst of worse, I am sure there is a mock bread you can make using the soup packets. I've been wanting to experiement with that recently...maybe if I find the time in the near future, I will see if it really can be done. I mean, it should be doable...but then again, I am still in a learning curve when it comes to cooking complex whey protein. You would think that this ex-vegetarian would know how. Nope. Not even slightly. But I can cook a mean tofu alfredo! I guess that counts for something

irish - don't make me come up there! I get it though. I fell off the wagon this past weekend myself. Surprsingly, I didn't gain. I think my problem was I had all these wonderful plans with a huge group of family and friends that involved picnicing. I made ALL THIS WONDERFUL food, but packed MY stuff so I could join them...and then it rained (okay, it monsooned) and plans got canceled. So, suddenly, I had TONS of food that was going to NEVER get eaten. I was able to get rid of the sandwhiches by donating them to my kid's daycare class, along with the chips and the cookies. My hubby stole the potato salad, so that was no longer an issue. The only thing left was my mom's request that I make macoroni salad. Thankfully, it was a very small amount as only she and I like it...and I hadn't planned on eating any. Needless to say, I ate it since my mom never acquired it. BUT! It was only one cup then gone. THANK HEAVENS! Things could have gone a LOT worse! But, I get it. Things happen sometimes. Just get on back up and pick up where you left off. Today, I plan to exercise again. I've taken a 9 day break due to a pulled muscle in my still hurts, but at least I can tolerate the pain now. I am itching for a run, but guess I shall keep to walking for a few days until the lingering pain abaits.

nimble - try adding xuam gum powder to stuff that needs to be thickened up And no help for the chili and I don't eat it, so I have NO idea how to help you out on that one!!!

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