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Hey girls! Glad to see everyone is still checking in. I will continue to report in here, as I see everyone else doing the same. I am exceptionally tired today and am struggling to do ANYTHING, this includes work. I have no idea why either because I got a good nights rest. Oh well. I havent hopped on the scale but I am feeling so good these days in my clothing and swimsuit so I dont really care. I took off from 30 day shred Saturday and Sunday because we were on the beach. I am resuming it today and dont plan on taking off anymore days until my vacation. Then I will be off from it for 8 days. I do plan on doing a lot of walking and continue with the ab challenge and squat challenge so at least I am doing something.

I am also going to throw in one day of rollerblading and one day of swimming a week. I may bump myself up more later on but I am taking baby steps. Is anyone logging their food on MFP? I want to check out what others are eating. I was doing extremely low carb and not losing so I started adding carbs back in. Like whole wheat bread, wraps, etc. Also granola bars.

Ok, Im going to lunch shortly. I will check in later today. Take care.
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