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Red face Day 1 in the palace

Good morning, Royal Ones! Where did I go? I was in the weeds. The whole thing came to a head last week. I started out feeling great but then was visited by self-doubts. Although I'd renewed my commitment to eating only at the table when alone (other than fruits and veggies), I let myself eat on the couch, with the result that I cycled between anxiety and depression until I got a grip again on Friday, having realized I was making myself completely miserable. I kept having the thought "I'm trying to numb out instead of feeling, trying to kill myself, slowly and painfully." And pulled myself out of it. It's so automatic -- if I eat on the couch watching TV, control flies out the window. Embarrassing but true. And then the whole nasty thing plays out.

Also had stopped weighing myself months back. For the sake of accountability, I've committed to reporting on weigh-in to DH each Monday. Not what I weigh but change each week. It was my idea. It'll help that childish feeling that what I eat when no one sees doesn't count. Weighed in this morning up 1.2 from tracker. I expect I'd been several pounds below tracker though at some point while I'd ceased to weigh in. Onward!

So. The plan is the same -- 5X a week hot yoga and 10,000 steps a day. Eating (other than fruit and veg) only at the table when alone. Aiming for 3 fruits, five veg a day (more veg less fruit OK), lowish carb.

I've been doing pretty well with yoga and steps, which is probably why I didn't gain a bunch of weight. One thing that surprised me is that my summer clothes fit ok -- I guess I was fatter last summer than I realized.

WSW, I hope the condo closes soon, soon, soon! And big congratulations to you for losing #30 in the past year+. That's fantastic!

Hope you're feeling better!

Amarantha, fabulous, fabulous maintenance right in your target zone! Huzzah!!! 18,000 steps is a lot o' steppin' too.

Kind of tired. I think I'll relax on the couch with a nice ... bunch of carrot sticks.

Let's make this a good one!


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