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Thank you for your response

I eat paleo diet. Mostly fish as my protein with a lot of vegetables. I eat a little Udo's Choice oil every day (2 table spoons) and fish oil (1 table spoon). When my fatique is very bad and i'm so tired and stressed out, i crave almonds and dry fruit (yes, those carbs....). But i'm extremely intolerant and my digestion goes totally dead and stops, when i eat almonds and dry fruit. And i feel sick like a have a the flu... Gotta stay off carbs from other than vegetables. Well, it is a big problem and have been all my life with my digestion

I haven't eaten gluten, sugar, dairy products for over 5 years now, and that has helped a lot with my digestion problems. I never ever eat it, not even a taste and i make all my food myself - never by processed food or things like that.

I also eat vitamin C, Mg, Ca, D, B-compelx, vitamin E, Arctic Root, Licorice Root Extract (600 mg), Chrome, Probiotics, HCI, and Enzymes every day, but i still feel that a need more/something else besides all of that.
I would like to take some more adaptogens licorice. I drink licorice tea every day from organic roots.

My problem is, that i need extremely high doses to even feel anything or to just give a little respons, because my pain tolerance is non existing after a big operation 12 years ago and that have destroyed my nervous system big time. I live with chronic pain every day and my nervous system is constantly in alert after the operation. So my response to stuff is very bad. I never eat painkillers, because i get sick i my stomach and all of my body.
I'm extremely sensitive to everything, from the food i eat (can't eat too much, too little, i need to eat at the same times every day because of my bloodsugar), noises, heat/cold, and my light sensitivity is enormous! I get so sick when i'm exposed to too much light, both winter and summer.

I live very "clean" and organic and i often crave protein. Therefore i began eating paleo long time ago. The paleo diet helps my bloodsugar, which very quickly gets too low or much to high both with and without too many carbs. I don't crave carbs during the day, it is in the evening, but not every evening.

Can you describe what you eat in a day, some examples from your ketonic diet? And have you tried other diets to help your adrenal fatigue?

Even though a have eaten so many natural food supplements for many months (the ones i have described here i still eat, but i have eaten so much more, all natural and what my doctor prescripted), i don't feel much better, unfortunately.

A couple of month ago a had a saliva and bloodtest done again (so that is 2 times within 7 month) to see how my response was, eating all the food supplement and taking progesterone gel. And i was so disappointed, because my morning cortisol was even lower than last time (and there i was also too low...) and my DHEA was much to low to. My progesterone was a little bit higher, but still to low on the scale. My free T3 is also still too low.
I can't lose weight, the fat i need to loose, especially on my stomach (cortisol-fat) want get off no matter what i do. Until 2012, i have always been able to lose weight, without problems, but not now.

I have checked out swanson, but i can't by from them because i live in an EU country, so i will have to pay a lot of extra taxes. But i found out, that swanson has an website in England, but they are currently redesigning it....

Can you tell me some more about the swanson products you use? And how much licorice to you take and also your other adaptogens?

What does the niacin do for you and what does DIM and HIIT mean? Sorry, i don't know...

Kind regards,

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