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zoesmom Thanks for starting this new thread. Glad you did not gain on your meds (hey that is a biggie). That child leaves me laughing all the time.

brunette8706 I apologize for not welcoming you on the other thread. My only excuse is the weather has warmed here, and I'm so busy with outside stuff, by the time I come inside I am exhausted. So very glad to have you join us.

nimblegranny You're welcome and thank you. I am working hard at where I want to be and trying not to let age get in my way It doesn't always work for me, but I am trying..

So yesterday, I was having a bad day. I went out to mow the lawn and got to the last 6'x3' section when the lawn mower quit. I pushed it up the hill to the sidewalk and put more gas in, started it up, went back down the hill, pushed it up the hill again, and it died. I had just fixed this stupid lawnmower a couple weeks ago (and I was very proud I might add.) Anyways after pushing ii back up to the sidewalk and pulling on it a couple more times, I determined it was too hot and I was too frustrated to continue. I put the lawnmower in the garage, grabbed a plant I bought the other day, back outside to dig a hole. In the ground goes the plant, I need to water it, I haven't yet hooked up the hose since the winter. I turn on the outside faucet, nothing. turn it off, and back on nothing. Turn it back on, now I am scrunched down staring at it (read silently swearing), when the water suddenly comes gushing out and now I am not only dirty from digging, I am soaked. turn it off hook up the hose, turn the faucet back on water the plant. I gather up all my tools , put everything away go in the house to shower. Both adult sons are calling and texting me.. I love my sons, but I just want a shower! Off the phone, into the shower, all cleaned up, hair done, I need to go run errands. It's in the 80's, I need capri's or something. I go to the closet take out a pair of capri's slip them on, button & zip...they fall off of me., try another pair same thing ( well, of course, they are all the same size,duh). Never mind, I think, I will wear a skort, yep, bought all these clothes last summer, tags still on some, and they are all too BIG!

I should be thrilled, right? Nope ,the only time in my life I was aggravated about my clothes being too big, cause I need to finish errands and can't find a thing to wear .

I'm not sure, but I think lack of protein was messing with my thinking!

Okay, off to get on the scale and I will let you all know if being frustrated makes you lose weight.

For every 5 lbs

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